"The PMI leadership
sets a high standard
that shows throughout
the company. They’re
thoughtful, strategic
and very positive, which
is helpful in times like
these. They’re always
suggesting new ideas
and strategies. And they
don’t just identify
problems: they suggest

Nancy Chill
Senior Director
Corporate Relations
The Endocrine Society
October 2012


The PMI team knows your industry.  Our management, sales and production professionals bring you
expertise in all aspects of medical and health care communications, from the latest digital opportunities
to sponsorships, customized promotions and strategic planning.

Franklin T. Cox   |   President
Franklin T. Cox   |   President

Frank joined PMI in 1990 and became our president in 2002. He oversees every aspect of PMI operations. Frank began his career in media buying and creative services on the agency side.  He has represented journals in the oncology, surgery, pharmacy, dental and osteopathic markets.

To contact Frank, click here or call 212-904-0368.

Kathryn Clark   |   Vice President, Client Services
Kathryn Clark   |   Vice President, Client Services

Kathy has been a PMI team member for 30 years. Today she directs our Client Services Division, where she’s responsible for ensuring the highest level of service for PMI clients. She began her publishing career in production and now directs all communications among our sales team, print and digital production staff, and printers and outside vendors.

To contact Kathy, click here or call 212-904-0365.

Timothy Wolfinger   |   Vice President, Integrated Media Services

Timothy Wolfinger   |   Vice President, Integrated Media Services

Tim manages both digital and print promotion for our psychiatry and oncology/hematology clients. He built his expertise in marketing and account management at Euro RSCG Life, SCP Communications, Bios Communications and Lally, McFarland & Pantello.  He served as group sales manager for Elsevier Oncology before joining PMI in 2008.

To contact Tim, click here or call 212-904-0379.

Samir Delgado   |   Managing Partner & EVP, Digital Media Operations
Samir Delgado   |   Managing Partner & EVP, Digital Media Operations

Samir has more than 15 years of experience in digital media advertising.  Before coming to PMI in 2009, he was a successful operations and business Manager at Operative Media, Inc., where he was responsible for implementation and support for everything digital for over 20 websites, including TrueCredit.com, Latina.com and WestWoodOne.com. At PMI he leads the digital operations department & digital strategy for the company.

To contact Samir, click here or call 212-904-0369.

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Sales Representation
Joseph Schuldner   |   National Account Manager
Joseph Schuldner   |   Vice President, Integrated Media Solutions

Joe has responsibility for print and digital sales for the American Society of Hematology and The Endocrine Society. He brings more than a decade of oncology experience to the table, both as publisher of Oncology and as director of sales and marketing at Elsevier Oncology.  At WebMD Point of Care Solutions he developed print and mobile promotional applications and managed online recruitment and market research programs.

To contact Joe, click here or call 212-904-0377.

Eileen Cox   |   National Accounts Manager
Eileen Cox   |   National Accounts Manager

Before joining PMI, Eileen began her career at PERQ Research (now Kantar Media) and sold physicians readership data in medical journals to pharmaceutical companies, advertising agencies and publishers. She then sold advertising space for Physicians Weekly. She was PMIs National Accounts Manager for BioMed Central, a London based publisher of over 250 journal websites. She is currently working on Public Library of Science, Researcher, and The American Academy of Periodontology.

To contact Eileen, click here or call 917-214-0095.

Kathleen Malseed, National Accounts Manager
Kathleen Malseed   |   National Accounts Manager

Before joining PMI in 2011, Kathleen worked for Wolters Kluwer for 16 years as a senior marketing manager journal advertising and account executive for several of their publications. At PMI she is responsible for print and digital sales for the publications of the Infectious Diseases Society of America & The American College of Rheumatology.

To contact Kathleen, click here or call 215-852-9824.

Jill Redlund   |   National Accounts Manager
Jill Redlund   |   National Accounts Manager

Jill began her career in Ad Sales for WeatherBug for digital media properties and joined PMI in 2015. Since 2015, she is PMIs National Account Manager for the publications of Alphamed Press and the American Psychiatric Association.  These publications include The Oncologist, Psychiatric News, Psychiatric Services and the American Journal of Psychiatry.

To contact Jill, click here click here or call 212-904-0366

Michael Perlowitz   |   National Accounts Manager
Michael Perlowitz   |   National Accounts Manager

Before joining PMI in 2013, Michael was an account executive for IQPC, and was responsible for generating new business while maintaining existing client relationships. At PMI he is responsible for print and digital sales for the publication of The Triological Society, The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and the Orthopedics franchise.

To contact Michael, click here or call 212-904-0374

Eamon Wood, Recruitment Sales Accounts Manager
Eamon Wood   |   Recruitment Sales Accounts Manager

Eamon is responsible for all print and online recruitment sales for The American Psychiatric Association nonpharma and classified. He manages a territory that represents more than $3 million in recruitment advertising sales.

To contact Eamon, click here or call 212-904-0363.

Betty Lai   |   Director, Digital Operations and Client Services
Betty Lai   |   Manager, Digital Operations and Client Services

Betty joined the Digital Operations team at PMI in 2015. She previously worked at SourceMedia, Inc. as their Campaign Manager for their Investment Advisory Group department. With PMI, she monitors campaign performances served for all of our partners and properties as our Manager of Digital Operations and Client Services. She also maintains business relationships and provides client services for all campaigns.

To contact Betty, click here click here or call 212-904-0370

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Print Production | Digital Ad Operations | Billing

Susan Tagliaferro   |   Print Production Manager
To contact Susan, click here or call 212-904-0378

Patti McCormack   |   Print Production Manager
To contact Patti, click here or call 212-904-0376

Christopher Allas   |   Advertising Production Manager
To contact Chris, click here or call 212-904-0362

Shemika Houston   |   Advertising Coordinator
To contact Shemika, click here or call 212-904-0367

Ellen LaStarza   |   Controller / Collections
To contact Ellen, click here or call 212-904-0373

Christine Dwyer   |   Support Staff
To contact Christine, click here or call 212-685-5010

Eric Brickel   |   Ad Trafficker, Digital Operations & Client Services
To contact Eric, click here or call 212-904-0361

Kyle Hanzl   |   Ad Trafficker, Digital Operations & Client Services
To contact Kyle, click here or call 212-684-3974

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